Middle East & Africa

States of mind

For the first time in years Israel’s leader wants a Palestinian state

But the peace process Yair Lapid is backing is comatose

The dead hand of dictatorship

Malawi has saved its democracy but not its economy

It remains the world’s poorest peaceful country

With friends like these...

Mali’s junta takes friendly soldiers hostage

The incident places the UN peacekeeping mission in further doubt

Women v morality police

Why Iranian women are burning their hijabs

Protests by the oppressed sex are rocking the Islamic Republic

The Abraham economy

Trade and security ties are knitting Israel into its region

Former enemies drawing closer, offering hope of a more stable and prosperous Middle East

I don’t

Arabs are divorcing more often

And women are more likely than before to initiate a split

The ones who sweep

In the Gulf 99% of Kenyan migrant workers are abused, a poll finds

But they keep coming because wages are better than at home

A tale of two scarcities

From tea to cars, Egypt and Tunisia struggle to pay for imports

Both countries are burdened with huge debts and are in talks with the IMF

From ayatollahs to Albania

Iran’s cyberwar goes global

Its targets include not only Israel but at least one NATO member

Missing an open goal

How oil-rich Nigeria failed to profit from an oil boom

Price controls, spluttering production and oil theft are to blame

An unenriching debate

Never-ending nuclear talks with Iran are bordering on the absurd

America and Europe may soon have to decide whether to pull the plug on the process

Local heroes

Game developers draw on African stories to create new worlds

The money may come when paying is easier