Meloni on the march

A crushing victory for Italy’s nationalist right

Giorgia Meloni of the Brothers of Italy is set to be the country’s first female prime minister

Desperate measures

Voting begins in four sham referendums in Ukraine

The results are not in doubt

Rob, rape, retreat

Fresh evidence shows how grim life is under Russian occupation in Ukraine

Military police reports from Izyum describe everyday acts of brutality


To prevent diplomatic shakedowns, Europe must curb abusive national vetoes

Time to tweak the notorious Luxembourg Compromise

The guns do the talking

Renewed fighting in the Caucasus shows Russia’s waning influence

Nature abhors a vacuum

The Brothers are coming

Giorgia Meloni and her Brothers of Italy look set to win the next election

How might a coalition led by the hard right govern?

Halfway measure

Vladimir Putin declares a partial mobilisation

Ukraine’s advances force the Kremlin to take desperate measures

A new escalation?

Vladimir Putin’s situation looks ever more desperate

A planned military mobilisation in Russia, and fake referendums in occupied Ukraine, are signs of weakness

Dictating the pace

Where next for Ukraine’s army?

After a lightning advance, Ukrainian forces must decide whether to dig in or press on

How to waste 2bn zlotys

Poland opens a propaganda-heavy canal

A concrete channel to avoid Russian-controlled waters


Demonising nationalist parties has not stemmed their rise in Europe

Success in Sweden and soon in Italy shows their continued electoral appeal

Strife on the right

Italy’s probable next government contains many tensions

Uneasy allies could split over Vladimir Putin and fiscal prudence