Held to love

Sports writers will miss Roger Federer as much as his fans will

Journalists and authors have shaped his reputation as the greatest male tennis player

Try, the beloved country

Rugby brings South Africa together—if only for 80 minutes

The sport reflects the country’s uneven progress and enduring dreams

Intellectual history

The “Jena Set” was the heart of German Romanticism

Andrea Wulf brings them back to life in “Magnificent Rebels”

Home Entertainment

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan echoes in today’s war

Many of the stories in Svetlana Alexievich’s “Zinky Boys” could have come from Ukraine

British cultural history

Sixty years ago, James Bond and the Beatles made debuts

John Higgs tells their entwined stories in “Love and Let Die”

Technology and social control

In China, surveillance crushes lives—and improves them

Josh Chin and Liza Lin explain how in “Surveillance State”

Social unrest

In “Riotsville”, American police rehearsed for clampdowns

A new documentary shows how the ersatz towns—and the tactics honed in them—have endured

Zamrock on

Sampa the Great has a mission: to take Zambian music global

“As Above, So Below”, the rapper’s new album, celebrates her musical forebears

Recipes for satisfaction

“The Joy of Sex” is a book for the ages

First published 50 years ago, Alex Comfort’s illustrated guide still contains valuable lessons

A life in parts

Jack Charles drew attention to Aboriginal Australians’ suffering

The actor’s life and work reflected the trauma inflicted by the forced separation of indigenous families

Cancelling sport

The queen’s death left sporting authorities facing tricky choices

Their responses are likely to be different in future