Not a pretty penny

The pound is plumbing near-historical depths. Why?

Britain’s fiscal largesse has spooked investors. It may lead to a wider re-evaluation of sterling’s worth

Sterling work

Britain’s chancellor offers up a reckless budget, fiscally and politically

Kwasi Kwarteng faces opposition from the markets, the Bank of England and even his own MPs

The monarchy

The state funeral of Elizabeth II came off without a hitch

Britain buries its longest-reigning queen

A lack of basic skills

Many British adults lack basic numeracy and literacy

If that changed, the country would be much better off

Prisons covid

Why prisoners are spending more time in their cells

It is no longer because of covid


King Charles versus Trussonomics

Economic growth: the cause of, and solution to, all life’s problems

Capital ideas

The City is fighting to carve out a post-Brexit role

It still needs to find new business lines in which to excel

The smoked-salmon offensive

After a frosty decade, business leaders are warming to the Labour Party

Rachel Reeves, the shadow chancellor, promises stability in place of turmoil

Race in Bristol

In one British city, Black Lives Matter still reverberates

The dispute over history and images continues

Locum motives

The NHS has a lot of locums. It should listen to them

Many people do not want to work full-time for the NHS. With good reason

Definite articles of faith

The Church of England will change less than traditionalists feared

King Charles’s faith is less evident than his mother’s, but he values continuity

The new monarch

What sort of king will Charles III be?

Early signs indicate that he intends to model his reign on his mother’s