United States


There is plenty of good news about American government

In praise of the deep state

Claws out

Maine’s lobster industry is feeling the pinch

Moves to reduce risks to whales add to pressure on fishermen

On the WPATH

New standards of transgender health care raise eyebrows

Controversial recommendations on everything from transition to castration

Midterm maths: The politics of abortion

Republicans’ abortion proposal could backfire

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Et tu, New York

Donald Trump faces a sweeping new lawsuit

The former president’s legal troubles pile up

America and the world

Joe Biden warns of global disorder if Russia is not stopped

A strengthened president seeks to rally the world around Ukraine. But many countries want to stay out of geopolitical rivalries

Revving up

Detroit is once again betting on the car industry to rescue it

But the Motor City’s health will depend on more than motor cars

The other MAGA

A grassroots group is channelling public frustration in Texas

A different sort of MAGA makes its mark in the Lone Star State

Midterm maths: Senate scenarios

Will America’s polls misfire again?

Our statistical model can show what the election would look like if they do

Environmental economics

The Biden administration aims to quantify the costs of ecological decay

Can a vital statistic help to save the planet?

Free for all

America-wide universal pre-school is dead, but California forges ahead

Its programme is costly, but has many potential benefits

Hillbilly effigy

How the left and J.D. Vance learnt to despise each other

And what that says about American elites