The Americas


Nayib Bukele wants to abolish term limits in El Salvador

The millennial caudillo is continuing down the road to tyranny

The unknown known

How left-wing on economics is Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva?

An interview on spending and growth with the front-runner to be Brazil’s next president


Colombia’s new president cosies up to Venezuela’s despot

Leaders of the Latin left find common ground, even with a thug

Poilievre the pugilist

Canada’s Conservatives pick a brainy brawler as leader

Pierre Poilievre delights the right by deriding wokery and taxes. That may not be enough to win power


Questions surround a gun attack on Argentina’s vice-president

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is the country’s most divisive politician

Second time’s a charm

Common sense prevails as Chileans reject a new constitution

The landslide result is a blow to the recently elected leftist government

The gun that failed to fire

Cristina Fernández, Argentina’s vice-president, is attacked

The assault will supercharge her victim status

Narco nastiness

Several violent episodes in Mexico suggest a worrying trend

Crime is increasing, despite what the president says

Mule got mail

Ecuador has a backlog of 1m letters and parcels

During the pandemic, the postal service was shut down

Dusty weather

Traditional farming practices are being boosted in Guatemala

The lack of viable economic alternatives means many want to move north

Far behind, but gaining

Brazil’s president, lagging in the polls, turns to God and cash

Weeks before an election, Jair Bolsonaro is 15 points behind his rival Lula

Federal offence

Brazil’s governors have been emboldened under Jair Bolsonaro

But their attempts to move into national politics have worked less well